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  • Architectural Review Committee-Jeff Fenimore

         Reviews owner's proposed changes to their individual condos

  • Building Maintenance Committee-Steve Hammarberg

         Focuses on making sure we are proactive in maintaining
         our buildings, and common area structures

  • Communication Committee-Steve Gunther

            Supports the Board in facilitating timely, effective communication to owners
            about pertinent Palm Colony Association matters

  • Concrete Review Committee- Bruce Gilmore

    The members of the committee monitor all concrete areas of PC including driveways, all walkways and all the PC roadways. All cracks, uneven broken levels, painted areas that are slippery and dangerous, and general unsightly areas will be recorded and submitted to the Board for repair or replacement review. 

  • Insurance Committee-Bob Scherrer
  • Landscape Committee-Bob Sontag

    Responsible through Greenscapes company for maintenance of plants, trees, palms and grass.

    Oversees the tree trimming and plant replacement and overall irrigation of PC. 

    Strong  proponent for maintaining the ponds in and around our community. 

  • Pool Committee-Steve Hammarberg

         Focuses on assuring that we are proactive in the upkeep of all pool facilities.