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     As described in Palm Colony’s Governing Documents, all leases or rentals of units must be in writing
     and approved
in advance by Palm Colony or its designated representative. A unit owner may lease or rent only his/her entire unit.

Guidance to owners .

  • Our association manager, Alliant Property Management, must be notified in writing at least 15 days prior to the starting date of a proposed lease.
  • The minimum lease term is 30 days or 1 calendar month, whichever is greater.
  • In no event may a unit be leased more than 3 times in any year.
  • No pets are permitted in leased units.
  • Only furnished units may be leased.
Applications:  Unit Owner must complete two (2) forms with fees and within certain timeframes:
  • Palm Colony "Notice of Lease Application" and submit a copy of a signed lease agreement and appropriate fees. This must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days before start of rental date. 
  • Pelican Landing "Tenant Access Authorization" form and submit a copy of a signed lease agreement, a copy of Palm Colony's Notice of Lease Application and appropriate fee. This must be submitted at least two weeks before start of rental date.
  • Palm Colony: $25 application fee payable to Palm Colony at Pelican Landing;
  • Alliant Property Management:  $75 processing fee payable to Alliant Property Management;
  • Pelican Landing: $100 fee payable to PLCA
Questions? If you have questions related to the leasing or rental of your unit, please contact:
Palm Colony Community Association Manager,
Alliant Property Management.  
Phone during regular business hours:  239-454-1101.
Information and forms related to the leasing of a unit in Palm Colony may be accessed directly below by clicking on the necessary documents for Palm Colony and Pelican Landing.