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Living in a condominium community. The basic foundation of a condominium or homeowners association is its governing documents. These documents include our Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, and Rules & Regulations.

Each homeowner should have received a complete, up-to-date set of Palm Colony’s governing documents from the seller at the time you purchased your unit. Similarly, it is very important that you transfer a set of up-to-date governing documents to a new owner when your unit is sold.

Purchasing in a condominium community constitutes a contractual agreement and common bond between the homeowner and the association and among the homeowners themselves. This means that homeowners have agreed to pay their assessments in full and on time, comply with their association’s governing documents, and maintain their properties according to established standards.

In return, homeowners have the right to expect their volunteer boards to govern fairly, responsibly and in accordance with their community’s documents and state and federal laws. And residents have the responsibility to be involved in their community, vote in elections, volunteer for special projects, serve on committees or even seek a seat on the association board.

Our governing documents can be found in the section below.