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Just some friendly reminders to keep everyone smiling….

            Use of the pool area- (the pool and spa areas enclosed by black metal fencing):

The pool and pool facilities are only for Owners, their guests and their renters

In light of COVID-19 there are no reservations for the pool area allowed

The Palm Colony Board recommends that only groups of 6 or less assemble and a note be put on the respective bulletin board announcing the gathering (A note should include the: date, time of gathering and host’s full name, building address and unit number)

Social distancing is expected at all times

Pool related issues:

No glass anywhere in the pool area. It is very costly to clean the pool and area if a break should occur

Use of the pool and hot tub is prohibited after dusk.  Dusk is 30 minutes after sunset.


Under Florida Law food and beverages are prohibited in the pool and on the pool wet deck area.” The wet deck area” is specifically defined as the area 4 feet around the edge of the pool and hot tub

Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the pool area

Enjoy your music but use headphones so others can enjoy their music or just relax

For all other State and Palm Colony pool rules please refer to the large sign posted near the pools

          Palm Colony general reminders:

Guest parking areas are for Guests only. Owners are expected to use their garage and/or driveways for their car(s). Guest cars must have the PLCA permit properly displayed on the dashboard.

Lee County and Bonita Springs each have a residential noise ordinance of maximum of 55 dBA (decibels) from 10PM to 7AM. For example, conversation at home is around 50dBA.

The speed limit for Palm Colony is 10 MPH.


It is the responsibility of each owner to REMIND others of these rules.


                            Board Approved: 1/13/2021…… Questions: